dimecres, 2 de desembre de 2015


"Once upon a time, somewhere in the middle of nowhere, there was a house that felt very lonely and lost. It had been long forgotten by everybody! Very nice people had once lived there, but they had left years ago. And nobody else had come to stay since their departure. The silence had settled down and become unbearable fort the house!
The flowerbeds had once been beautiful, colourful flowers had bloomed everywhere, and the little vegetable garden had sprouted all kind of vegetalbes; nowm weed invaded everywhere. The small pond in the yard had once abounded with small goldfish; now the water was dirty and with no fish at all. The attic had once been full of hay; now there was only emptiness. Cows used to moo happily in cowsheds until someone came to milk them; hens used to cackle in the henhouse to announce they had laid their eggs; and the rooster used to sing in the morning to wake everybody up. Now there was only silence and sadness. The house had tears in its eyes every time it looked outsde its windows.
But one day, a miralce occurred: the house suddenly heard a noise, sweet as a light breeze..."

Així presenta AMC CLASSIC els seus projectes de cuina

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